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Enough is Enough

By purchasing the items below, you will be supporting this global awareness initiative and helping to raise awareness of clergy sexual abuse within your sphere of influence. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Enough IS Enough

Show your support for Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day® by proudly wearing one of these tastefully designed buttons! Sold by the package so you can share with your friends.

Enough IS Enough Awareness Button
(5 buttons per package; button size is 1.75 inches)
$5.95 per package

Understanding Sexual Misconduct Among Spiritual Leaders

Ever wonder what is really happening to you or someone you know? Are you trying to decide how to help someone who has been abused by a pastor? Or wanting to know how the church should address the issue? This booklet provides information for victims, spouses, youth, pastors and wives, church leaders and congregants, and an overview of the issue of pastoral sexual misconduct. It is a must for those who need answers and help! Preview booklet!

THOS Booklet: Understanding Sexual Misconduct Among Spiritual Leaders
(8.5x5.5, 20 pages)