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7/3/16—Sonoma, CA: 6th Annual Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Campaign®!

August 2016 marks the 6th annual Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day® Campaign, an event to be celebrated throughout the month of August. “After 14 years of working with victims and church leaders from around the world, it is clearer than ever that education is critical to the prevention of clergy sexual abuse. Not only that, education is essential to prevent re-victimization. This is a very pervasive problem in every faith community and denomination,” says Samantha Nelson, CEO of The Hope of Survivors.

Steve Nelson, President of The Hope of Survivors states,“The church is a haven of refuge—a harbor of safety—and when abuse is perpetrated from a spiritual leader, that abuse is directly connected to Christ. It appears as if God Himself approved the terrible pain and suffering they experienced by His representative. For this reason, God had to act [referring to the case of Eli & his sons] to preserve the sacredness of His holy character. For the sake of His people, justice demanded that judgment be served. Victims need to know church is a safe place for them, as well as others.”

He continues, “Today, millennia later, there are those who still fail in their responsibility to protect the vulnerable sheep from the devastating effects of abuse by a spiritual leader. When a transgression of this nature takes place, those who refuse to correct the evil done by a fallen minister are guilty of the same sinful neglect to God’s heritage as was Eli.”

Clearly, one of the primary goals of the Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day® Campaign is raising awareness of the issue and educating clergy, church members and the public at large to understand that clergy sexual abuse is never consensual due to the power imbalances that exist in a pastor-congregant relationship.

We have several events taking place this August and we invite you to participate in the walkathon, the video campaign, or in any other way you can! Please visit to learn how YOU can get involved and help spread the word!

If you'd like to conduct an event in your area, please email Samantha Nelson.